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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final Design

This is our interpretation of evolution of experience in creative Multimedia.

And this is our final Artwork

the 4 Parts Represent the Levels/Stage in Creative Multimedia,
and as you notice, as the level gets higher, the TV gets more and more modern.

Sketches for Evolution of Experience

This is our Sketches for the Design Concept of Evolution of Experience

And This is our Final Sketches, the one that we're going to use.
More explanation in the next Post

Evolution of Experience in Creative Multimedia Essay

We all know that FCM, or Faculty of Creative Multimedia, offer a unique and different set of syllabus, in fact, from our point of view, FCM student’s really stands out from the rest of the student in Multimedia University. Why you might ask? Because FCM is the only faculty in Multimedia University that require it’s student to be creative, hence the name Faculty of Creative Multimedia. FCM offers a wide range of major, such as Film & Animation, Media Innovation, Virtual Reality, Interface Design, and Digital Media. All of these Majors is requires its student to have a taste in art, which makes FCM a bit similar to Art School, but in FCM, we concentrate more on how to make art in this modern world, because art is everywhere, in your television, on the internet, magazines, and many other examples. Going through FCM really gives a lot of experience, and not only from the faculty, but also from the surrounding environment, you will learn a lot of things by going through FCM, for example, you will change your browsing routine from Facebook, Myspace, and other social networking site to let’s say, deviant art, the Flash website award, Ads of the world, and that’s only your browsing routine, imagine what it could do to your life.

People say that experience is the best teacher in our life. It can teach us everything and actually it is the best lesson we can get in our life. In creative multimedia there are a lot of experiences that we can get from around it. From school, course, work, home, even in our individual time. For example, a design student he will get his own experience in his learning process. At that moment he will learn how to make something good from only a simple thing or make something useful from recycle things. They will get experience how to make something that can attract people to look at his/her artworks. They trained how to make good compositions, colors balance, simple, nice, not much, and can attract people to see it. Usually the design’s lecturers will give lots of assignments to make their student getting used to it and make each day their students getting better on doing his/ her works. Experience can make the big impact for somebody even into the world. It can change our life. For the example like following some contest, some people does not care whether they won or lose it, the important thing is they get the experience. Study and work are also the way to get new experiences and the most important things from all of that is the invention of new things or we can call it innovation. We can get a lot of experience from work. In this circle we will feel the real situation how the designer works. There are a lot of experiences that we can get. In cinematography we can be a director who makes a story of the film, or being a design graphic who designing something that can attract people and many more of example that we can get from work’s circle.

From the ancient times until now we have seen many innovations especially in the technology. Media is one of the things that have been widely developed over the advancement of technology. For the first time, the people from the ancient times use the nature things as the media to communicate, express their feeling, and share their respect for their ancestors and the culture. They start to make sculpture from the stone and painting on the cave wall. Year over year change, people try to paint on something that made from the clay. From this activity, we also can make it into craft and then sell it. From that time people found canvas as the media to share all the things that they want to share. After that people found the big invention and become the innovation to the world which is the computer. Computer can make all the things become easier, it helps the people do their work because with computer we can do it digitally. We also can communicate and share information with all the people around the world if we connected it to the internet. Radio is also the media to communicate, but nowadays it had lost the popularity because all the people prefer the television rather than radio because the television in an audio visual media while radio is just a visual media.

So with our creativity towards multimedia from time to time, we will find many experience which bring us to a level which is easier in our learning process. For the first time, the people from the ancient times use the nature things as the media to communicate, express their feeling. But now? With our creativity, we can communicate through internet which make major changes in the history of communication. We have new ideas, we invent things that can make the big impact for somebody even into the world. It can change our life for the future.

Logical Mindmap

This is our Logical Mindmap of Creative Multimedia

From this mindmap, we have chosen "Experience" for our detailed Mindmap

From this we have our design concept, which is

Evolution of Experience in Creative Multimedia

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Juxtaposition.. lesson 2

this is what i come up with for "mergers gone wrong"

it's a combination of bird, and fish, with fish as it's head and bird as it's body.

and here are the other who didn't quite make it..

the top one is a combination of t-rex and chicken..

the bottom one is a combination of butterfly and fish..

and for the random word images, the first task is to create a sentence about love from the picture of a chili..

here's what i come up with..

"love is like a chili, sometimes it could make you cry, but you would want it again"

or something like that..

and the other task is to create a sentence about woman from a picture of mortar and pestle

here's what i come up with

"Being with a woman is like being in a mortar and pestle, no matter how hard your heart is, she'll soften it up sooner or later"